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Cluster API Provider Hetzner

The Cluster API uses the concept of Infrastructure as Software. This is a relatively new approach to working with Infrastructure that makes IaC tools like Terraform redundant. Software can, in general, react in a more intelligent way to different situations, thanks to its own decision engine. This makes it more powerful than Terraform, where you have to implement everything in a step-by-step approach. When having dozens of clusters with hundreds of nodes, smart automation is the key to a scalable, maintainable, and reliable system. IaS outperforms here every IaC approach as it can react independently of any input of human operators on failing hardware and spin up new nodes in seconds.

What is the Cluster API?

A project focusing on consistent deployment and day 2 operations of self-managed Kubernetes clusters. It uses a declarativ Infrastructure as Software approach.

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Syself’s Expert hint

IaS rather than IaC

We at Syself believe in an open-source first strategy. It brings advantages for us as well as for the community. We get better software through the ideas, suggestions, and findings of the community. The community gets a software product that it can use and adapt for free. We invite you to have a close look at our open-source projects. Share your thoughts and comments, so that we can improve them together and bring progress to the world of IT!

The core features

Orchestrating Infrastructure with Cluster API gives you the ability to easiliy create, update, and operate production-ready Kubernetes clusters.

  • HA Kubernetes

    Multi-node control planes with stacked or external etcd. Fully customizeable.

  • Cloud & Baremetal Nodes

    Can be used with standard and dedicated Hetzner Cloud servers, as well as with baremetal servers from Hetzner Robot.

  • Choice of Linux Distribution

    Free choice of Linux operating system. For full coverage cloud-init is recommended, but other OS, like Talos, are also working.

  • Self-Healing

    Cluster API is able to remediate nodes, including control-planes. No worries any more about unhealthy nodes!

  • Declarative API

    Native Kubernetes manifests and API. Cluster API controllers runs on Kubernetes

  • Complete Day 2

    CAPI updates Kubernetes versions, operating system on nodes, and any changing configuration.

  • Cluster Autoscaler

    The autoscaler scales Kubernetes Cluster up or down, depending on your needs. This can reduce a lot of manual work.

  • Latest Kubernetes

    Made from developers for developers, so the latest Kubernetes version is always a must-have.

  • Kubeadm or Talos

    By default, kubeadm is used under the hood. Everything you can configure in kubeadm you could also do in CAPI. Talos is also supported.

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The syself way

Accelerate your Business

Join Syself Accelerate, the first European DevOps Accelerator. We combine the force of open-source with years of experience to build the best solution for your business. Do not waste your time trying to build your own infrastructure - we are faster and more cost-effective than any in-house solution could be. We want you to have the best possible infrastructure and we make sure that you are able to manage it on your own.