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Syself supports start-ups and SMEs on their cloud-native journey. Based in Germany, the country with the world's highest data protection laws, we build European and sovereign clouds.

A Safe Place For Cloud Infrastructure

Syself builds infrastructure that you are able to manage. We empower you to work comfortably with your own IT!

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How we Support you

With syself your IT will reach the next level

Modern software solutions are, in general, cloud-based. Kubernetes is the standard for managing software in cluster environments and has gained huge popularity in the past years. However, it is not the solution for everything and requires deep knowledge to configure it properly. This is why, in practice, the process of building cloud infrastructure is cumbersome. A lot of companies even end up compromising on efficiency and security when building their IT. At Syself, we made the experience that in-house solutions are often not the best. We focused on this pain point and developed a holistic approach for an easy-manageable and modern IT infrastructure.

accelerate your business

With Syself Accelerate, we help you to focus again on your core business rather than reinventing the wheel.

Infrastructure & platform
Infrastructure & platform

First, we set up your cluster management. We use Kubernetes Cluster API on a European provider and a GitOps approach with Helm/Helmfile to manage the cluster lifecycle. We build an internal cluster with SSO, image registry, and everything that you need in the next steps.

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Release Engineering
Release Engineering

We get a deep understanding of your needs (Continuous Exploration) before implementing the CI/CD pipeline. We create multiple environments for developers, such as testing, staging, and production. Additionally, we work together with you on security topics (DevSecOps).

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Site reliability engineering
Site reliability engineering

In the third step, we focus on production readiness. We set up the relevant observability tools and alarming systems. On top, we introduce you to incident management and define and test the right processes you need to handle incidences in a running system.

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From the Syself Labs

DevOps At Its Best

Our experienced team supports you with our proven program to bring infrastructure, development, and operations together. With our help, your IT allows you to focus again on your core business. You can save time that would be otherwise needed to solve technical problems. On top, it is flexible enough to adapt to changing business needs. With Syself Accelerate you can bring more value to your customers.

What we do

We build infrastructure from scratch. We don’t stop until your developers are working efficiently and you have multiple easy-manageable Kubernetes clusters with all the software you want to have.

Cloud Migrations

We migrate your on-premise workload to the cloud. Where it is needed, we architect your microservices in a cloud-native way, so that they fit into a high-availability setting. A CI/CD pipeline makes software development efficient and reliable.


Kubernetes is daunting for many beginners and there are even some pitfalls for experts. We support you with setting up GDRP-compliant Kubernetes clusters on European infrastructure. Additionally, we support you with basic applications like service meshs (Istio) or databases.


We build infrastructure that you can easily manage yourself. We use tools like Helm and Helmfile to reduce boilerplate code and facilitate creating new clusters and applications. This approach is the base for GitOps workflows with ArgoCD.

Automated Deployments

The code that your developers write is deployed in an automated way to the different environments. Your team can test features in dev and staging environments. For the production environment, A/B tests and canary deployments are feasible.

Developer Experience

Local development is made easy via Tilt and Kind and as fast as ever thanks to hot reloads. Remote testing environments and E2E tests help you discover bugs. The CI/CD pipeline with ChatOps reduces manual work and leaves no room for mistakes.

Training & Support

As we introduce many new tools to your software development and DevOps team, we train them on how to use the new system. We are there for you as a partner even after a project ends and will be happy to answer any questions that appear.

Get it Right on the first attempt

With Syself Accelerate, we help companies to get the most of their work and reach their business goals.

our approach is risk free. promise.

Building a solid, scalable and reliable IT foundation is an expensive and time consuming task. It’s hard to get it right on the first time.

+0 weeks
with Syself
+0 Weeks
with the traditional Inhouse process

Doing it in-house will never be faster and cheaper

Experienced DevOps engineers need to be hired - a slow and expensive process.

Total in-house costs


Slower than with Syself


Total sprints with Syself


A perfect plan

The syself way

A perfect plan

Working with us has no downsides. We are around 3x faster, more reliable, and less expensive than any in-house solution. We have completed similar projects many times, so that the outcome of our work is predictable. The infrastructure you get is future-proof because we use state-of-the-art technology. To reduce your risk, there are no long-term commitments. Everything is open-source, without any license fees. Interested? Then talk to us!

How does an engagement look like

Contact and get to know us. We will then discuss how we can best meet your needs.

Contact Us

Write us an email with some information about you and your company or project. Tell us about your availability, then we can schedule a meeting quickly.

Virtual Meeting

Meet one of our founders for a video call. In 30 minutes, we analyze your challenges and come up with possible solutions.


In a second meeting, we work on an engagement workbook that translates the agreed solution into concrete tasks. Then we are good to go!

the syself way

Why becoming a partner of Syself

We build modern European cloud infrastructure. Check out the following reasons why you should contact us and start an engagement.

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