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"allowed_contexts": [ "kind-caph", ], "deploy_cert_manager": True, "deploy_observability": False, "preload_images_for_kind": True, "kind_cluster_name": "caph", "capi_version": "v1.7.3", "cabpt_version": "v0.5.5", "cacppt_version": "v0.4.10", "cert_manager_version": "v1.11.0", "kustomize_substitutions": { "HCLOUD_REGION": "fsn1", "CONTROL_PLANE_MACHINE_COUNT": "3", "WORKER_MACHINE_COUNT": "3", "KUBERNETES_VERSION": "v1.29.4", "HCLOUD_IMAGE_NAME": "test-image", "HCLOUD_CONTROL_PLANE_MACHINE_TYPE": "cpx31", "HCLOUD_WORKER_MACHINE_TYPE": "cpx31", "CLUSTER_NAME": "test", "HETZNER_SSH_PUB_PATH": "~/.ssh/test", "HETZNER_SSH_PRIV_PATH": "~/.ssh/test", "HETZNER_ROBOT_USER": "test", "HETZNER_ROBOT_PASSWORD": "pw" }
Key Type Default Required Description
allowed_contexts []string ["kind-caph"] no A list of kubeconfig contexts Tilt is allowed to use. See the Tilt documentation on allow_k8s_contexts for more details
deploy_cert_manager bool true no If true, deploys cert-manager into the cluster for use for webhook registration
deploy_observability bool false no If true, installs grafana, loki and promtail in the dev cluster. Grafana UI will be accessible via a link in the tilt console. Important! This feature requires the helm command to be available in the user's path
preload_images_for_kind bool true no If set to true, uses kind load docker-image to preload images into a kind cluster
kind_cluster_name []object "caph" no The name of the kind cluster to use when preloading images
capi_version string "v1.7.3" no Version of CAPI
cert_manager_version string "v1.11.0" no Version of cert manager
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