Accessing the management cluster

Configure your kubeconfig

  1. Create a file to store the kubeconfig in

  2. Copy this configuration into the file


    Sorry, you need to be logged in to see this resource.

  3. Change the namespace of the kubeconfig and add your organization name to it.

  4. Use chmod 600 <filename> to change permissions of the file.

  5. Export the kubeconfig to use it via export KUBECONFIG=<path/to/file> .

Access Syself Autopilot

To access the management cluster, you need to have kubelogin installed. use kubectl get clusters . This will open your browser for authentication. After successful authentication, you will be able to use kubectl as always!

Optional: Log out

You might have to authenticate yourself again, if the token (and refresh token) expires. In case you want to invalidate the current session and remove access to the management cluster, you can use rm -rf ~/.kube/cache/oidc-login .

Hetzner account preparation