Self-managed GitOps

You can add your Cluster, ClusterStack, HetznerClusterStackReleaseTemplate, and HetznerBareMetalMachine manifests to your GitOps repository, and your GitOps operator will start managing them for you. If the manifests you add to the repository have the same names as those already in the Autopilot management cluster, the operator will start managing them without recreating the resources.

The same process can be applied to the deployment of Argo CD or Flux themselves. For example, if you installed Argo CD via Helm, you can add this manifest to your GitOps repository:

apiVersion: kind: Application metadata: name: argocd namespace: argocd spec: project: default source: chart: argo-cd repoURL: targetRevision: v7.0.0 helm: releaseName: argocd destination: server: "in-cluster" namespace: argocd

Now all your operations can be made from Git!

Using Argo CD
Configuring a Hetzner Load Balancer