Baremetal Servers Rescue Mode

Before adding a machine to a cluster, you need to be sure that the rescue system can be reached reliably.

You can ask Hetzner support to do that. Use this text when contacting support:

Please enable the network boot option for this machine permanently, because this machine will be provisioned automatically. Please ensure that the boot order does not get lost. The machine needs to boot from the network constantly.

Alternatively, you can order a Remote Console and change the corresponding settings in the BIOS yourself.


Common keys to enter the BIOS, depending on the manufacturer:

  • ASUS: DEL or F2
  • MSI: DEL
  • Gigabyte: DEL
  • Dell: F2
  • Acer: F2
  • HP: F10, ESC

Press the corresponding key repeatedly while the machine reboots. You can trigger the reboot via the Robot Web UI of Hetzner.

The network card with a higher boot priority than the disks:

Image showing BIOS setup

Almost every BIOS is different, so that we can't provide a detailed instruction how to change the boot order. Your favorite search engine will likely tell you how to configure the BIOS of your machine.