Running log collector and retrieving the logs

All nodes provisioned by Syself Autopilot come with the `log collector' utility. It automatically fetches logs from components, services, and the operating system, and bundles them into a tarball. This can be useful for our support team to help you debug a problem in your cluster.

This guide will help you run it and retrieve the log bundle.

Running the log collector

Access your node shell (more information here ) and execute the command below:

After the command runs, you'll see the directory where the log bundle was sent to, for example /var/log/syself_mycluster-4fqrz-b7mzj_2024-06-10_1712-UTC_2.0.0.tar.gz .

Retrieving the logs

You can use scp to copy the files from the server to your local machine. For that, go back to your local machine terminal and run the command below, replacing <path-to/ssh-key> with your ssh key, <node-ip-address> with your node's IP and <where-to/save-in-your-machine> with the directory you want to copy the log bundle to, in your local machine:


If you are unsure how to find your node's IP address, you can refer to the SSH into nodes guide.

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