In HetznerBareMetalRemediationTemplate you can define all important properties for HetznerBareMetalRemediations . With this remediation, you can define a custom method for the manner of how Machine Health Checks treat the unhealthy object s - HetznerBareMetalMachines in this case. For more information about how to use remediations, see Advanced CAPH . HetznerBareMetalRemediations are reconciled by the HetznerBareMetalRemediationController , which reconciles the remediatons and triggers the requested type of remediation on the relevant HetznerBareMetalMachine .

Overview of HetznerBareMetalRemediationTemplate.Spec

Key Type Default Required Description
template.spec.strategy object yes Remediation strategy to be applied
template.spec.strategy.type string Reboot no Type of the remediation strategy. At the moment, only "Reboot" is supported
template.spec.strategy.retryLimit int 0 no Set maximum of remediation retries. Zero retries if not set.
template.spec.strategy.timeout string yes Timeout of one remediation try. Should be of the form "10m", or "40s"
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