Hetzner baremetal

Hetzner have two offerings primarily:

  1. Hetzner Cloud / Hcloud for virtualized servers
  2. Hetzner Dedicated / Robot for bare metal servers

In this guide, we will focus on creating a cluster from baremetal servers.

Flavors of Hetzner Baremetal

Now, there are different ways you can use baremetal servers, you can use them as controlplanes or as worker nodes or both. Based on that we have created some templates and those templates are released as flavors in GitHub releases.

These flavors can be consumed using clusterctl tool:

To use bare metal servers for your deployment, you can choose one of the following flavors:

Flavor What it does
hetzner-baremetal-control-planes-remediation Uses bare metal servers for the control plane nodes - with custom remediation (try to reboot machines first)
hetzner-baremetal-control-planes Uses bare metal servers for the control plane nodes - with normal remediation (unprovision/recreate machines)
hetzner-hcloud-control-planes Uses the hcloud servers for the control plane nodes and the bare metal servers for the worker nodes

These flavors are only for demonstration purposes and should not be used in production.

Purchasing Bare Metal Servers

If you want to create a cluster with bare metal servers, you will also need to set up the robot credentials. For setting robot credentials, as described in the reference , you need to purchase bare metal servers beforehand manually.

Upgrading the Kubernetes Cluster API Provider Hetzner
Management cluster setup for baremetal