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Setting up cloud infrastructure can be daunting. Good news: You are not alone anymore!

We have set up cloud infrastructure from scratch multiple times. The task is complex, but manageable - thanks to our step-by-step approach. Join Syself Accelerate and relieve yourself of the burden of taking care of Kubernetes, application management, and everything of the uncountable things that also play a role.

Our Mission

Our mission

DevOps Made Easy

Syself takes care of the core of your IT infrastructure. We put a lot of effort into understanding how your company works and what it needs (Continuous Exploration). Only with truly understanding the challenge, we can find the best solution. We aim for a holistic approach that implements the whole life cycle of clusters and applications and ensures that everything works smoothly and easily. Let it be GitOps, CI/CD, or observability - you can rely on the expertise of our team.

Our expertise

These are the areas were Syself's experts work at their best!

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Cluster Management

We manage cluster objects with Helm/Helmfile and day-2 operations with Cluster API.


A declarative approach on containerization that scales with your business needs.


Getting the right information at the right time is one of the key factors of a stable system.


Defining your processes and implementing them in form of a CI/CD pipeline brings speed to your business.

Success lies on the fast lane

We have developed a unique four-step approach to building cloud infrastructure from scratch. We build everything and empower you to manage it on your own.

Infrastructure & Platform

The first layer is all about clusters and managing them efficiently. We use Kubernetes as it is the standard for managing containerized applications. The Cluster API extends the functionality of Kubernetes to cluster infrastructure, such as servers, load balancers, and networks. With these two components, we have a declarative API for both applications and cluster infrastructure. As the normal YAML-based way of configuring objects is limited to only small use-cases, we use Helm for templating and packaging. With Helm, the amount of duplicated code that is needed when creating multiple clusters with a similar stack of applications can be reduced. Making use of Hemfile, also inter-operability of applications can be achieved. Having both Helm and Helmfile, clusters together with applications can be defined in a declarative way and with minimum manual work. By changing a few parameters, a new, production-ready cluster with applications can be created. If your team size requires it, a Single Sign On (SSO) solution for the overall cluster infrastructure can be integrated.

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Syself’s Expert hint

Why DevOps is needed

DevOps is the key to building a highly competitive and efficient software infrastructure. A good DevOps solution allows your business to deliver great results, while a bad one distracts you with technological problems. By implementing the right processes, there are numerous ways to reduce manual work of your team and let them be more efficient.

the syself way

Why becoming a partner of Syself

We build modern European cloud infrastructure. Check out the following reasons why you should contact us and start an engagement.

Manage your own IT

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Manage your own IT

IT infrastructure is a complicated topic. Most decision-makers don’t want to think about it and do not see its importance. Check out our previous projects to find examples of companies similar to yours, which worked together with us. Do you have similar struggles in your company? In our experience, the challenges don’t differ that much from company to company. Find out how we can support you!

our approach is risk free. promise.

Building a solid, scalable and reliable IT foundation is an expensive and time consuming task. It’s hard to get it right on the first time.

+0 weeks
with Syself
+0 Weeks
with the traditional Inhouse process

Doing it in-house will never be faster and cheaper

Experienced DevOps engineers need to be hired - a slow and expensive process.

Total in-house costs


Slower than with Syself


Total sprints with Syself


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Progress through knowledge

How do I run Kubernetes in a secure and production-ready way? How can I efficiently manage my cloud infrastructure? These topics are no easy ones. If you want to learn out more about this, then check out our blog "The Syselfer". If you don't find your topic of interest, then feel free to reach out to us. We are always looking forward to hearing from you and your suggestions. Together, we can gather knowledge and improve the world of IT!