Monochart Utility-First Approach To Helm

If you use Helm day-to-day for your Kubernetes objects, you will know already the trouble of having so much boilerplate code. The Monochart implements best-practices for all relevant Kubernetes objects. When using it, you can be sure that it works and that you can configure it in every way you want. Without having to write down the full Helm object every time.

What is the Monochart?

A consistent and easy way to define Kubernetes applications with Helm following all best-practices.

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Utility Classes and Separation of Concerns

The concept of utility classes is not new. This approach has been used for several years now in frontend development. The Monochart has been developed based on ideas of the very popular CSS Framework TailwindCSS. We made use of some similarities in writing CSS and Helm and improved the way of writing Helm charts.